Oriental Music Conversations – Martin Stokes

 5 Maggio 2021 | Ore 17.00

Oriental Music Conversations – Martin Stokes





ISMEO presenta il secondo seminario di Oriental Music Conversations


 5 Maggio 2021 | Ore 17.00


Martin Stokes
(Professor, King’s College of London)


Abd al-Halim’s Bicycle: A Postcolonial Nocturne


Abd al-Halim Hafiz (1929-1977) was the preeminent singer of the Nasserite generation in Egypt, famous for his roles in film musicals and revolutionary jamborees. This talk explores two famous song moments in the film Maabudet al-Gamahir (1963) in which Abd al-Halim cycles across the city. The second involves a duet with his fellow star, Shadia. How might this help us understand the relationships between song melodrama, the city, and revolutionary citizenship?


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