ISMEO Library and Office at the Department of History and Archaeology Shiraz University

“ISMEO Library and Office at the Department of History
and Archaeology Shiraz University

The Joint Office of ISMEO and the Shiraz University was inaugurated on January 2018 at the Department of History and Archaeology in the large campus of the University of Shiraz, offering a unique opportunity of a base for joint Iranian-Italian research in Iran.

This initiative has its origins in more than six decades of cultural collaboration between Iran and Italy in the various areas of Iranian studies, from linguistics to the history of religions, from history to archaeology. ISMEO represents the most suitable Italian institution for such an initiative, given its coordinating role among the various Italian scientific and academic institutions that collaborate or will collaborate with the Shiraz University.

The proposal, initially formulated by Prof. Askari Chaverdi, co-director of the Iranian Joint Iranian-Italian Archaeological Mission in Fars, was enthusiastically welcomed by the President of ISMEO, Prof. Rossi, and by the authorities of the Shiraz University, in particular the Dean of the Faculty of Human Sciences and Literature, Prof. Hajiyani, and the Director of the Department of History and Archaeology, Dr. Fazlinejad, who generously agreed to make an adequate space available for the initiative. The subsequent interventions of the former and present Rectors, allowed to transform the project into a unique reality in the articulated panorama of the links between Iranian and European cultural institutions.

This office, which provides a space for study and meetings, equipped with computers and a small library where ISMEO has already begun to bring its publications, constitutes for all Iranian and Italian scholars a possibility that we hope will become a driving force for fruitful collaborations.

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