Seminario “Oriental Music Conversations” – Pornprapit Phoasavadi– 12 aprile 2022

12 aprile 2022 - Ore 15.00

Seminario “Oriental Music Conversations” – Pornprapit Phoasavadi– 12 aprile 2022


ISMEO presenta l’ottavo seminario di Oriental Music Conversations

12 aprile 2022 – Ore 15.00


Pornprapit Phoasavadi

(Associate Professor at the Department of Music, Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts Chulalongkorn University, Thailand)


Negotiating Ecosystem of a “Female Musician World”
in Traditional Music of Thailand




The musician world is engaged with the patronage system and negotiated with socio-political parameters. As a professionally trained traditional musician, I will present the journey of my choice in choosing a musical instrument. The presentation will draw upon interviews with five living female musicians in Thailand. It will also draw upon historical documents to reveal the passages they gained an entry to the world of knowledge transmitted by male traditional musicians of Thailand. What were and what are the roles of female and male musicians in making music? What levels of knowledge were and are female musicians allowed to obtain and practice? Comparing the role of female musicians between the period when traditional music was promoted and centrally trained in the royal court of Bangkok and the era when educational institutions are the host of the knowledge transmission, I will illustrate the role of female musicians in the world that was not able to have an access to formal education during 1910s before the first university in Thailand was established. What kind of ensembles did female musicians were assigned to? What kind of repertoire were these musicians playing? How does it change and how female musicians make their choices of training and promoting their careers at present? 




È possibile seguire il seminario via Zoom inserendo i codici indicati nella locandina
ID: 829 6262 2953  •  Passcode: 996310
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